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Cran-Pear-Y Sparklers: Easy Prosecco Cocktails

This prosecco cocktail, infused with our green and white tea Cran-Pear-Y Symphony, is slightly tart with notes of cranberry, pear, and pomegranate. Perfect for New Year’s Eve celebrations, Valentine's Day dates, Sunday brunch, or even just a small dinner party with friends!

I love these bubbly drinks for three reasons:

  1. They make for a super delicious cranberry cocktail.
  2. They’re easy cocktails to make at home since they’re made with just 3 ingredients.
  3. They are easy to batch make and are my go-to New Year’s cocktails for a crowd.

Not to mention, this is a great twist if you’re looking for prosecco and cranberry juice recipes.

New Years Cocktails for a Crowd

Whenever I show up to a get-together, I always bring my big drink dispenser filled with these fizzy cocktails, and they never disappoint. Plus who doesn’t love a pear cocktail recipe?!

Tea Cocktails

The thing that truly makes this prosecco punch special is the addition of one of my favorite teas, Cran-Pear-Y Symphony. It’s a green and white tea with tarte cranberry and crisp pear accompanied by orange, elderberry, and pomegranate flavors. So it’s quite a symphony!

Cran-Pear-Y Symphony: A Green and White Tea

I love infusing my cocktails with Cran-Pear-Y Symphony because it’s incredibly versatile and can be easily substituted for cranberry juice used in standard cocktail recipes. If you prefer citrus notes, check out my Cran-Pear-Y Martini recipe, which features pear vodka and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. It reminds me of a lemon sorbet. Conversely, if you prefer a sweeter drink, try your hand at a Tequila Sunrize, made with blood orange juice, tequila, and Cran-Pear-Y Symphony syrup (in place of grenadine or pomegranate juice).

Now, in order to add any tea to a cocktail, you need to brew up a concentrated version. In short, this means you need to steep one teaspoon of  loose-leaf tea per one ounce of water. So for this prosecco cocktail recipe, I brewed eight ounces of concentrate, using eight teaspoons of tea so that I could make several servings.

Making Tea Cocktails

Since Cran-Pear-Y Symphony is a green tea, I recommend steeping it for 3 minutes in a french press to strain out the tea leaves. Once you are finished brewing the concentrate, you can choose to use it immediately if you add ice cubes to your coupe, or you can transfer it into a bottle and chill it for later use. For optimal freshness, I typically keep my concentrates in the fridge for one to two weeks before replenishing.

Prosecco Coktail Recipe

Once your concentrate is ready, you can grab an italian bottle of prosecco and start making your delicious prosecco cocktail! Start by combining your Cran-Pear-Y concentrate and simple syrup in a champagne flute. Then, top it off with your fizz (prosecco from Italy or champagne). If you prefer a champagne cocktail over a prosecco spritzer, you can opt to use a bottle of sparkling wine. For a non-alocholic version, simply substitute your bubbles with soda water. If I have fresh pear or cranberries on hand, I love to use them to garnish this mimosa twist.

Prosecco Cocktails Recipes

More Cocktail Recipes

Looking for more tea-infused cocktail recipes? Check out our Minty Berry Blues Mojito recipe, made with lime juice and fresh mint leaves, or our Vanilla Earl Grey Mar-tea-ni, made in a cocktail shaker.


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