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Tea Recipes

  • Guava Ginger Spritzer

    Learn how to make our Guava Ginger Spritzer, filled with fresh raspberries and equally delicious as a cocktail or mocktail!
  • Mood-Boosting Iced Tea, featuring Minty Berry Blues

    Learn how to make our mood-boosting iced tea, a refreshing blue drink, featuring Minty Berry Blues, and perfect for spring!
  • Hot Chocolate Tea

    Learn how to make this rooibos tea version of your favorite hot chocolate, featuring Very Berry White Chocolate!
  • Cran-Pear-Y Breeze

    Learn how to make a Cran-Pear-Y Breeze, a tropical green tea-infused take on this signature cocktail!
  • Lemon Ginger Toddy

    Learn how to make this fantastic flu-remedy, a Lemon Ginger toddy, featuring whiskey and Lemon Ginger Zest, a rooibos blend!
  • Honeysuckle Healer, Immune Support Iced Tea

    Learn how to make this Immune Support Iced Tea with Honeysuckle Healer, a delightful black tea packed with echinacea, mint, lemongrass, and orange to ensure your happiness and healthiness.
  • Matcha Irish Cream

    Learn how to make this Matcha Irish Cream drink with Bailey's Irish Cream, perfect for St. Patrick's Day!
  • Minty Berry Blues Mojito

    Learn how to make a Minty Berry Blues Mojito, a delicious tea-infused purple cocktail!